Rahm Emanuel Pressures Banks to Stop Doing Business with Gun Manufacturers

He’s done chasing Chick-fil-a out of town. Now he’s sticking his nose into the gun business, warning Bank of America and TD Bank that they would be wise to end any relationships with companies which “support gun violence.”

(From  Chicago.cbslocal.com)

In the letter, Emanuel says TD Bank offers a $60 million line of credit to Smith & Wesson, which produces the AR-15. That is the weapon used by James Holmes in the Aurora, Colo., theater massacre that killed 12 people. Emanuel wrote.

Emanuel told CEO Bharat Masrani “to use your influence to push this company to find common ground” on an assault weapons ban and gun background checks.

In other words the mayor is telling the banks that right now it is the gun companies which have the problem, don’t make us have to make an example out of you too.

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