Rand Paul Says Obama is not “King.” Can’t Go Around Congress Just Because He Wants to.

imperial presidency

Pretty much every president has grasped for more and more power. But this one seems particularly enamored with it.

In the wake of Watergate, Congress was able to reassert some of it’s authority, but that has ebbed away with each succeeding year. Bush took executive power to new (arguably unconstitutional) heights. Obama is now taking things even further than Bush (by a good measure.)

Obama is feeling his oats.  His time to act is now. He wants gun control and dammit, he is going to get it. Even if it means shredding the Constitution a bit more. At this point why not, right? Who’s he hurting? The people who don’t like him anyway. And that’s what American politics is all about, abandoning the rule of law to teach your opponents a lesson.

Don’t forget that this is the president which initiated war in Libya without even any consultation with Congress. Never mind a declaration of war, which we haven’t had since World War II. He didn’t even get a resolution. He just ordered bombs to start dropping while Congress was on break. By the time they came back it was a fait accompli. I mean what was Congress going to do anyway?

I urge the people who read this site who come from a more progressive disposition to seriously think about how the president is acting right now. Remember how much you didn’t like Bush’s policies? (For the record I was right there with you on the war. And many other things.) Will the next president take it even further? Most likely. Will that president be someone you like? Possibly not. Obama thinks he’s being bold. In reality he is endangering the American experiment.