The New Republic Says Liberals Should Embrace Crony Capitalism to Get Gun Control

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Get Walmart On Board! All the hicks shop there! That’ll teach those gun nuts who’s boss.

I am no particular fan of guns. I don’t like violence. My children own no toy guns, nor will they.* But I am an advocate for the 2nd Amendment.  I am thankful that guns exist in our society. I think that private citizens who own guns in this country is one of the last things which differentiates the United States from the rest of the developed world. Slaves, as they say do not own guns, and that is really the point.

I have watched the fervor around the gun debate since the horror in Newtown with interest. I do not like the tack the president and his folks have taken. I don’t like the president talking about issuing executive orders. I don’t like that Diane Feinstein, the author of the Senate gun control legislation, who is so arrogant she refused to debate her chief opponent in the most recent Senate race, has a concealed carry license (or did). I don’t like pretty much everything about the whole debate, from the inhuman crime which sparked it (this time) to the completely beyond the pale talk of a real gun grab. The entire situation is pretty much horrible.

Add to the current bouillabaisse of terribleness the below article from The New Republic.

As “liberals” seek to find a way to make widespread gun control happen, the kind which makes “gun owners cower like smokers”  as Eric Holder once said, they are going to have to get creative and they are willing (apparently) to go public with crony capitalism as a tactic to get what they want.

To date crony capitalism has been frowned upon by what is called the American Left. (Thank you.) The New Republic says however that now might be just the time to cozy up to corporations because it splits (supposedly) a key part of the conservative constituency. Hey, even corporations, giant corporations can be bought off, just ask GE.

(From The New Republic)

President Obama long understood that the strongest liberal coalitions include corporations. Conservatives know it too. The remaining question is if rank-and-file liberals will accept it.

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*Actually not true. We have water guns.