This is What Modern Propaganda Looks Like Redux: The #OldMedia has Abandoned “Objectivity” Gleefully

In the attached article Matt Welch at examines the fact that the mainstream media (#oldmedia) has abandoned anything that remotely resembles non-partisanship.

That Media Matters has a seat at the White House table, and disseminates talking points to the #oldmedia, and that seemingly all of the mainstream media speak from the same script all the time is accepted by some in our society without so much as a blush. MSNBC’s slogan is Lean Forward for crying out loud. Obama’s in 2012? Forward. That my friends is an indication of a deeply corrupt system.

As Welch correctly identifies, the #oldmedia sees conservatives and libertarians as the enemies of truth, the enemies of their truth.

Given that for the last 20 years we have been told that there is no such thing as “truth” by many people within these “news” outlets is very interesting.

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