Washington DC: Crony Capitalist Boomtown


As we have said many times before, Washington DC is a boomtown fueled by taxpayer dollars. Its business is extraction. You people who actually make things out in the provinces? Yes, here’s a tax for you, and some money for us.

As I have occasion to travel from the leafy suburbs to the canyons of Downtown DC a few times a month I will tell you, it is flat out booming. Plenty of money here. Banks on every corner. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Mercedes Benz or a lobbyist. It is the land of milk and honey subsidies. (Well at least where they come from.)

Our buddies over at the Government Accountability Institute seemed to noticed the sick state of affairs too.

(From Big Government)

“America’s previous boomtowns became wealthy because they produced something,” said Schweizer. “This boomtown, its wealth comes from extracting it from the rest of the country. Boomtown is something that no one in Washington wants to talk about.”

People are talking now.

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