Washington DC is Boomtown Paid for by Taxpayers


If you haven’t seen the movie The Hunger Games you should. It is the story of how a capital city, an imperial city really, manages the provinces of a country through humiliation and intimidation. I won’t go more into the plot but I will say that the capital city in the movie is quite like Washington DC these days.

Shiny buildings, filled with shiny people hustle about doing the “important work” of the country. These shiny people are for the most part paid either directly or indirectly by you and me.

As I have said before, there is no recession here. Life is good. The taxes flow in, and to a very great extent they stay right here in Washington. I would say that Washingtonians are thankful for your donations America, but really they are not. The people of Washington for the most part don’t really think about where the money comes from. It’s government money right?

No—it’s taxpayer money.

It’s so in your face now that even The New York Times of all publications recognizes the decadence of the place.

(From The New York Times)

“Washington’s economy is based on the confiscation and transfer of wealth produced elsewhere. Out in the country they’re growing food, building cars and designing software — all these things that raise our standard of living. Here in Washington, everyone is writing memos to each other about how to take some of that money and which special interest should get it.” I asked him if he liked living in the city, which has become undeniably nicer. Boaz sputtered a bit. “I can’t walk to lunch from my office without having to avoid the construction projects!” he said. “For Washington, it does mean better restaurants and better entertainment, and the potholes get filled faster. But for the country as a whole? I don’t think it’s a good thing for America.”

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