Why Hasn’t a $10,000,000 Loan Backed by Duke Energy for the Dem Convention Been Paid Back?

Duke Energy and politicians in general are pretty cozy with one another. Democrat or Republican, Duke covers its bases.

But given how much of an issue Obama tried to make corporate giving (while taking corporate gifts it should be added), one would think that a large loan such as this would be quickly disposed of.

Apparently it’s still out there. Nice to have someone to call on to vouch for a $10 MM loan.

(From The Washington Times)

Five months after President Obama’s made-for-media convention in Charlotte, N.C., the host committee for the three-day Democratic bash still has not paid off an unprecedented $10 million loan secured by Duke Energy, and there is no way of knowing whether it will ever be paid back.

Government watchdog groups, which once lauded Mr. Obama’s pledge to run the most transparent government in history, say the loan raises serious conflict-of-interest issues and shows that the president has abandoned his commitment to disclosure.

“This is just a blank check for the party, and it undermines the whole [Obama] message of cracking down on special interests’ influence in Washington,” said Tyson Slocum, an energy specialist for Public Citizen. “It’s clear the administration is hypocritical.”

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