How the Government Sponsored Milk Mafia Increases Cost, Destroys Commerce, Sometimes at the Point of a Gun

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The milk industry is completely controlled by the government for the benefit of a few, mostly corporate, interests.

The government sets minimum prices, not the market. If a grocery store wants to sell milk at a lower price than the government mandated one, too bad. The milk police will show up at the store. I saw it first hand last year at my local Safeway.

God forbid one sells raw milk in some parts of the country. Jail might be where one ends up.

Milk’s not that good for you anyway so I recommend almond milk instead. It tastes terrible but at least the price is set in a fair way.

(From The Washington Times)

The power of Big Milk has been on full display with a number of small farms and cooperatives being forced to close by order of government regulators. There has been an increase in demand for unprocessed and natural foods, including raw milk and cheese, as consumers believe these traditional items are a healthier option. Bureaucrats want to put a stop to that. On Jan. 25, the Morningland Dairy in Missouri was raided and $250,000 worth of unpasteurized cheese was confiscated and destroyed. The state refused an independent laboratory test to verify whether the product was actually contaminated in any way. Last year, police arrested the owners of a Venice Beach, Calif., health food market for selling raw milk and raw milk products.

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