This is the future: Indie Capitalism

Indie cc

“Indie Capitalism” as defined by Bruce Nussbaum in this brief but excellent piece is where the economy is headed if it’s not strangled by the state and its client crony capitalists first.

Indie capitalism is like “indie music” (for which I have love) in that it is deeply DIY. See a need. Fill the need. Make a profit. Don’t let anyone stop you. Do it your own way. Innovate. Create. Think in new ways. Don’t wait for opportunity to come to you, create opportunity. It is the essence of real capitalism. It is the type of capitalism we champion here. It stands in stark contrast to the state centered, monopoly obsessed, anti-innovation beasts we usually focus our attention on at ACC.

Viva Indie Capitalism!

(From Bloomberg)

Here’s a shocking truth: Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party actually agree on something. They both hate crony capitalism, and they both love Steve Jobs. If this sounds freaky, let me add another weird fact: Practically all my students at the New School in New York, where I teach a course on creativity and capitalism, want to start their own companies. The New School is renown for being a bastion of lefty thought, going back to the 1930s and ’40s. My students want to be entrepreneurs. They want to be Kickstarter, kickass entrepreneurs. These students want to belong to what I call Indie Capitalism.

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