Big Companies to Partner With Homeland Security to Scan Some Private Emails/Web Traffic

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This has probably been going on for a long time. But now it’ll be out in the open. Big brother for a profit.

This is as a result of an executive order issued by this president. CISPA was defeated in Congress via people power last year. In light of the fact that the people didn’t want the law and wouldn’t let it through the Senate, Senator Lieberman (and others) suggested that CISPA be enacted by presidential decree. Too bad American people. You’re getting CISPA. You don’t know what’s good for you.

It is nice to know that our privacy is being compromised as part of a massive public/private partnership. The surveillance state just took a big step forward, officially.

We are told that this information will only be used in the most dire of circumstances, but history has shown us that the government becomes less concerned about “circumstances” the longer it has the technology. This should concern everyone. That this had to be done via the executive branch because of popular resistance should concern everyone. That it was done despite this resistance should concern everyone.

(From NBC News)

Under last month’s White House executive order on cybersecurity, the scans will be driven by classified information provided by U.S. intelligence agencies — including data from the National Security Agency (NSA) — on new or especially serious espionage threats and other hacking attempts. U.S. spy chiefs said on March 12 that cyber attacks have supplanted terrorism as the top threat to the country.

The Department of Homeland Security will gather the secret data and pass it to a small group of telecommunication companies and cyber security providers that have employees holding security clearances, government and industry officials said. Those companies will then offer to process email and other Internet transmissions for critical infrastructure customers that choose to participate in the program.

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