Lanny Breuer Leaving DOJ for $4 Million/Year Job at Eric Holder’s (old and likely future) Law Firm

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Man, that revolving door just keeps on turning. I am so glad to hear that the guy who deemed HSBC too “big to jail” is going back to be a white collar defense attorney. That he’s going back to defend the banks. I don’t see how a $4 million/year job could have influenced his tenure at Justice or anything.

Holder’s right hand man, Breuer basically said that though lots of nasty things happened during the crash of 2008 and prior, nothing (for the most part) was illegal. Or, if it was illegal that prosecution was potentially too damaging to financial markets.

Now he’s cashing in, big time, defending the banks he was once charged with pursuing for the American people.

(From The Washington Post)

Breuer said he will not be representing any companies on any matters that went before the Justice Department during his tenure. Ethics rules bar him from appearing before the DOJ on a client’s behalf for two years. He can, however, counsel a client on a new matter before the department from behind the scenes.

“I’m sure that if we have a client that has a new matter and we’re able to get that work, I would get involved,” Breuer said in an interview.

Breuer is the latest high-profile hire that Covington, the District’s largest law firm with more than 500 attorneys locally, has snapped up amid Washington’s revolving door of high-ranking officials leaving government for the private sector. Veteran Calif. congressman Howard Berman and former Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) both joined the firm’s lobbying practice this month. Covington is also the firm where Attorney General Eric Holder was a partner.

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