Airport Delays Due To Budget Cuts? Nope. FAA Has a Larger Budget This Year Than Last.

FAA_Furlough cc

As I wrote yesterday I think the whole air traffic controller delay bit is very likely a political ploy to make people with significant influence such as business travelers, hoteliers etc, cry out for the more money to be sent to Washington to alleviate the pain. The White House wants to make a certain segment of the economy pay, and score political points in the process. It has lost very badly on the sequester and it needs a win.

Closing the White House, the Peoples House, to tours (another callous political ploy) was pretty transparent.  And then taking a golfing trip where the taxpayers of the United States paid for Air Force One to ferry Obama and some buddies down to Florida so Obama could take lessons from Tiger Woods at $8,000/hr (also paid by the taxpayer) just didn’t look good. The administration wants desperately to point to something, anything, which shows the sequester’s impact on the average American. Airports are one of the places where people can be forced to suffer and so the furloughs.

But the budget for the FAA for this year, post sequester, is larger than last year by a few percentage points. Why the FAA is sending people home literally doesn’t add up.