An Excellent article from Bill Frezza: We Can’t Save Capitalism Unless We Denounce Its False Prophets

mouse trap cc

He is dead on in his critique. As we say all the time here. It is not “Right” versus “Left.” It is not “business” versus “government.”

The real battle in American politics today is between those who are inclined toward freedom and free enterprise and those who believe in collectivism (in its many forms). It is between those who believe in “a better mouse trap” and those who believe in the blunt hammer of government power. It is a fight between those who believe liberty and freedom for everyone is an ideal for which this country should stand, and those who believe that might makes right, whether that be GE or Elizabeth Warren.


” …the battle we are in is actually a three-sided struggle. Why is this important to realize? Because attempts to defend capitalism strictly within the bounds of a two-sided dialectic can only accelerate the emergence of a populist regime that fuses the centralized economic controls of fascism with the income redistribution of socialism. We are already more than halfway there with today’s “mixed economy”—a pale shadow of the laissez faire system that serves as the libertarian ideal.”

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