And so the soft fascists march, Time Magazine columnist asks the government to “Tread on Me.”

Orwell cc


Attached are the words of a man who has rolled over. They are the words of a man who, to paraphrase the famous quote from George Orwell, likes having his face stomped by a boot over and over forever. It’s such a familiar boot. Please, tread on me. I deserve it. For my safety.

Anyone who has even a remote understanding of risk recognizes that tragedies such as the one Mr. Grunwald cites are exceedingly rare. This is cold comfort to the victims, but in a society we simply can not be 100% safe. It just can’t be. But with each tragedy people like Mr. Grunwald insist that we must give up even more of our freedoms, our liberty. We must submit to control. Because it’s good for society.

I don’t want to live in a society where everyone must capitulate to overwhelming authority all of the time in the name “safety.”

Live free or die. Don’t tread on me. These are the words I was taught this country was all about. Little liberty haikus, and they are just as beautiful now as when they were written 2 centuries ago.

(From Time)

There’s dangerous stuff out there, and while it’s probably fun to stand with Rand, I’m more inclined to stand with the public servants keeping us safe, even when the al-Qaeda operative they ice in Yemen is an American citizen, even when they shut down an entire city to hunt for a single teenager, and yes, even when they try to regulate coal plants and oil rigs and Wall Street casinos that would greatly prefer to be left alone. That’s why I pay my taxes, and that’s why I don’t feel like I’m being tyrannized when I pay them.

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