Anthony Gregory asks an important question, “What is the threshold for martial law?”

Boston police cc

The attached article was written at the height of last week’s manhunt, while hundreds of police officers patrolled the streets of Boston, businesses were closed, and the roads empty with the exception of armored personnel carriers. Last week large parts of Beantown were put on lock down to find one man.

Gregory makes the point that 10 years ago the DC snipers didn’t illicit this kind of response.

Let me tell you. I was in Washington during that time. One of the shootings happened at a gas station not far from me. I drove by it on my commute not long after it happened. All of DC metro was on edge, big time, for 2 weeks. But we never had tanks in the street. Businesses never closed. And this was not long after September 11th, in the nation’s capital.

Has something changed? Has the bar been lowered for extraordinary police presence? What is the threshold for martial law?

It’s a question which deserves to be answered.

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