Carpetbagger Crony Capitalist Terry McAuliffe Seeks Control of Virginia Governorship

McAuliffe cc

This guy isn’t even from Virginia. He’s from Syracuse New York, where his dad was a big Democratic Party boss. Amazingly a 30 year old McAuliffe, after a tour with Jimmy Carter, became president of a failing small bank in suburban Washington DC which then suddenly became the bank to go to for the politically connected.

Then he moves to Virginia to get back into the Washington political game full time. (Notice he doesn’t move to DC or Maryland where taxes are too high.) Get’s cozy with Clinton, becomes chairman of the DNC, and now he wants to become governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

From his early day in political banking, to his recent ventures into taxpayer subsidized “green energy,” McAuliffe has shown himself to be the worst kind of businessman. At least drug dealers have to deal with a real marketplace. This guy just works the system.

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