Crying Wolf: Defense company stocks have soared since sequester’s “ax” fell

Military exp cc

It looks like the defense industry is having a pretty good sequester. Most of the big companies are beating the stock market average since the sequester began.

How can this be? I thought our military readiness was going to be compromised.  I thought the army of aerospace engineers which surrounds Washington DC was supposed to be dumpster diving by now.

Don’t see any.

Looks like there’s a little more fat around the belly of the military industrial complex than many Americans were led to believe.

And there’s plenty more to cut. Take for instance the fact that $900 million in obsolete spare parts for the Stryker military vehicle were recently found in a warehouse. No one, not the DoD, not General Dynamics (the contractor) was even tracking this stuff. $900 million dollars, just lost.

There’s plenty left to cut. So when is round 2?

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