Cutting Down 2 Dead Trees In Portland Oregon, On His Own Property, Could Cost This Guy $6k

Portland cc

And that’s not counting the cost of the replacement trees the city insists he plant.

This is a great story of the insanity of big government on a local scale. In some ways it’s the scariest kind.


First of all, the new trees cannot go where the old ones were, because those were within five feet of the road and the city does not allow trees to be within five feet of the road.  Yes, that’s right: the trees he is angry I removed without permission were in a place the city does not allow trees to be.

The trees need to be one of several species that are between 50 and 100 feet tall, and must be – I s**t you not – fully mature at the time of installation.  Further, they each need to be at least twenty feet from any other tree.  Because of the yard layout and existing trees, we cannot put in any trees that will be 20 feet from other trees unless we remove some existing trees first – which, as I now know, I will need a permit in order to do.

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