DOD Inspector General finds $900 million stockpile of Stryker (military vehicle) parts

The parts have just been sitting in a warehouse. Now they are obsolete. But hey, it’s just a billion dollars.

Given that the Government Accountability Office recently said that it was impossible to audit the Pentagon, I wonder how many warehouses filled with parts there are out there? I’ll bet there are a bunch.

(From McClatchy)

It accumulated nearly $900 million worth of Stryker replacement parts – most of them in an Auburn warehouse – with much of the gear becoming outdated even as the military continued to order more equipment, according to a Defense Department Inspector General report released late last year.

Take, for instance, the $57 million worth of obsolete infrared equipment the Army has not installed in Strykers since 2007. It lingered at the Stryker warehouse until the Inspector General called attention to it last year.