“Duck Dynasty” Couple Will Be Attending the White House Correspondents Dinner Which Is Now a Joke

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The dinner has become a spectacle. It’s a night where Washington gets to play Hollywood, and it’s a reflection of a generation of people in Washington who aren’t serious. They smile into the cameras and bat their eyes. They drink some drinks and judge who has the prettiest dress.

How long until we have a wardrobe malfunction at this thing?”

Hey look, there’s Valerie Jarrett having a martini with Courtney Cox. Isn’t that great!

Tom Brokaw thankfully has come out and said basically that the famous dinner is an excise in bull pucky. He won’t be going.

Good for Tom. But here’s a list of who will be going.

And seriously, the Duck Dynasty people will be there. Honey Boo Boo however will not be attending. She’s addressing the United Nations that night.