Economic and Social Abnormality Reigns, Americans Loving Their Servitude (?)

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The attached article is, well, strident. But it is full of excellent information about the current state of the United States. Average citizens have given up quite a lot in this country over the past 20 years. Our crony capitalist system expands and the state pushes into nearly every corner of our lives. Many people have made the transition from citizen to subject without even knowing it. With every year the dignity of the individual is eroded. Many do not even care.

Thankfully many others still do.

(From The Market Oracle)

Total government spending (Federal, State, Local) in 1996 totaled $2.7 trillion, or 35% of GDP. Today total government spending is $6.3 trillion, or 40% of GDP. In 1979, before the belief in government became a religion, total government spending was only 31.5% of GDP (27% in 1965). Are you receiving twice the service from government than you received in 1996? Are you safer from terrorists due to the massive expansion of the police state? Are your kids getting a much better education than they did in 1996? Have the undeclared wars benefitted you in any way, other than tripling the price of gas? Are the higher wage taxes, real estate taxes, school taxes, sewer fees, utility fees, phone fees, gasoline taxes, permit fees, and myriad of other government charges worth it? Is it normal for government to account for almost half of our economy?

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