Federal Government seeks to kill beloved surfing spot, to build breakwater for bazzinionares (With your tax dollars)

ruggles cc

The spot is called “Ruggles” and it is the most famous surfing spot in New England. The waves here during the right conditions rival anything in Hawaii or California. It is a place frequented by many a high school junior with an obsession with the sea. I can relate. I was that kid, only a 300 miles south in Virginia Beach.

It is a special place, which is about to be ruined by money taken from the federal taxpayer via the massively overfunded “Sandy Relief Act.” Basically it’s an effort by the well connected  to get the riff-raff out of their ocean front views.

The Feds have railroaded the effort, trying to get it done before anyone starts paying attention. Well, we’re paying attention, and kudos to Surfline.com for addressing the issue.

I know for some this may appear a silly dispute.  But the taxpayer should not subsidize beach homes, especially at the cost of a beloved place of recreation.

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