George Will Sings the Praises of a Key Member of the Republican New Wave in the House, Justin Amash

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I am a big fan of Justin Amash. He is principled and transparent  He explains every vote he makes on his Facebook page. As far as I know there is no one else in the House or the Senate who does this.

He’s 33 and has already taken on Speaker Boehner who recently kicked Amash off of the leadership track in the House. Boehner explained that Amash didn’t play well with others (meaning leadership) and has a high “a–hole factor.”

Coming from Speaker Boehner  this is high praise, and clearly indicates the potential for bigger things. George Will seems to think so too and in his most recent column profiled the young Congressman from Michigan. Will thinks Amash could be a good replacement for Karl Levin.

The New Wave continues to gain momentum and it looks like it’s picking up some of the smarter establishment folks along the way.

Click here for Will’s column.