Guy In His Dorm Room Dissects and Then Fillets Bill Maher On the Issue of Libertarianism. Very Well Done Analysis.

bill mahr cc

For the record I never thought Bill Maher ever had any understanding of libertarianism. Having watched the guy for 15 years it appears that he is pretty solidly a statist, big government kind of guy. Though he once called himself a “libertarian,” I have never seen anything which indicated that he embraced liberty in all its forms. Maher strikes me more of an old school libertine who is in love with his masters. – Though he is often funny and occasionally prone to moments of intellectual honesty.

In the attached video SkylerLehto takes Mahr’s recent anti-libertarian rant down, point for point.

And by the way, Mahr’s old show Politically Incorrect, was almost never politically incorrect. Just had to get that in.