Harrison Ford Says We Should Keep Towers At Small Airports Open (Millennium Falcon can’t land without air traffic controllers)

That’s actually not true. The Millennium Falcon can land without air traffic controllers, as anyone who has seen The Empire Strikes Back knows.

I think Ford is actually more worried about his turbo prop, but even that can be landed without air traffic controllers. So what gives?

(From Bloomberg)

A plan to close 149 air-traffic control towers has galvanized opposition like few other moves under U.S. automatic budget cuts, uniting lawmakers with businesses, unions and an advocacy group with Harrison Ford in its corner.

The fight, involving about $40 million of this year’s $85 billion in cuts in a process known as sequestration, reflects how broadly the proposed closings cut across rural districts represented by lawmakers who, regardless of party affiliation, are elected to serve local interests. Thirty-eight of the 50 U.S. states would be affected by the closings.

“You try to shut down the towers, and you’re going to have a fight on your hands,”

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