If I Were ‘Dictator,’ QE Would End Now, Fed’s Lacker Says

Every politburo has got at least one trouble maker. The Federal Open Markets Committee is no different, Jeff Lacker serves this roll to a limited extent.

In the attached interview Mr. Lacker says a number of interesting things, among them that economic expansion after 2007 is in his opinion a break with an historical trend line (which will continue).

(From CNBC)

Richmond Fed President Jeffery Lacker told CNBC Thursday that if you made him “dictator” the Federal Reserve would stop its massive bond purchases. He added that evidence is “sketchy” on whether the quantitative easing program has actually helped the nation’s job picture.

“I wouldn’t have gone down this asset purchase path. I’m in the camp that we should tamper and stop right now,” Lacker said in a “Squawk Box” interview. “You have to prepare markets … but that’s what I would do.”

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