Immigration Bill Contains 400 Waivers, Exceptions and Exemptions

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The issue from our perspective is not immigration per se. Our beef is with the complexity of the bill which comes in at over 800 pages. (In the end it will likely be more.) It is reportedly chock full of goodies and loopholes written by lobbyists with various agendas. I know, who would have thought?

This is how business is done in Washington DC. The bills are so big, so complicated, and written in such legalese that no one really knows what’s in the potential law totally. Senators and representatives know the parts of the bill which are important to their campaign finance sponsors, but that often is about it. The result is a jumble of regs creating lots of work for the legalese translators, the lawyers.

Obamacare is massive and no one knows to this day how it’s really going to affect things. The Dodd-Frank legislation is a travesty. Parts of it are still being written today even though it became law in 2010! CISPA just passed the House even though the public rose up against it last year. And now the immigration bill comes up and according to the Daily Caller it appears custom tailored for every special interest with a dog in the race. Every interest which can afford a lobbyist anyway. Who’s your lobbyist?

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