“In 2013, the First Family has already enjoyed three vacations — that’s one a month.”

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This article is totally partisan. The author tries to make the case that George Bush was somehow better than Obama on the issue of vacations, etc. Perhaps he was, slightly. But if you start a war in Iraq, you don’t get to golf. Sorry. It’s not some act of selflessness.

That being said Joseph Curl at The Washington Times does paint a pretty ugly (and accurate) picture of the Obama’s and their lavishness. For the first family to act as they have I think does exhibit a contempt for the country. All the vacations are pretty “in your face,”  and illustrate an “I deserve this” kind of mentality.

The White House is still closed to visitors because there supposedly isn’t any money. But we can fly Airforce One around the country for golf or skiing?

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