Is Cyprus About To Reject the EU Bailout Deal?

 Cyprus cc 3

The main parties in Cyprus are for the deal, but at least one of the smaller political parties has indicated that it will not support the scheme. If other smaller parties follow the lead of the Greens the island could reject the deal. My bet is, however, that the EU is not going to stand by and let a couple of malcontents (as they I am sure the EU sees critics in Cyprus) scuttle their efforts.

How dare they put up road blocks? What do the Cypriots think they are, a sovereign nation?

(From CNBC)

“We’ve fought for freedom, we’ve fought to maintain the Cypriot Republic,” lawmaker George Perdikis said in statement.

“It is, in my opinion, a crime and wrong to deliver Cyprus into the hands of the troika and allow it to become a colony,” he said, referring to the country’s European Union, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund lenders.

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