Liberals say military is a form of “stimulus,” cutting Pentagon not as important as they thought


When it comes down to it, there are people who believe that taking money from the real economy, putting it through the sausage machine of government, and then spitting it back out into the real economy is smart, and there are those who know better.

Some people are so committed to the pro-government religion they are willing to abandon key principals in the name of the faith. The military budget is a great example. For years “liberals” talked a good game about reducing the size of the military. But now as small cuts have become real, there is gnashing of teeth. The military is the government and liberals and  “progressives”  want to make sure the government footprint expands, even if it is at the cost of an expanded military industrial complex. Whatever happens just keep the money out of the private sector! So what if we fought against it for 70 years?

At least old Bernie Sanders has some remorse. He’d rather we just paid people just to do nothing at all.

“I don’t want to see anybody lose their jobs,” said Sen. Bernard Sanders (Vt.), an independent who caucuses with Democrats. “We are in the midst of a terrible recession. When you cut military spending you lose jobs, and that’s a terrible thing.”

On the other hand, Sanders said, military spending should not be preserved just because it keeps people employed. “You can hire millions of people digging ditches and hire millions of people to fill the ditches,” he said.

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