Rasmussen: Republicans Need to Get Over the Makers vs. Takers Mindset

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Republicans have for quite a long time allowed the Democrats to define them as the “against” party. Grumpy old white men against stylish, urban, open minded professionals. Rich people against everyone else. Red against blue. (And red is not a conservative color. “Better dead than red,” did not mean better dead than Republican. A “red state” is North Korea not Texas.)

The GOP has been one step behind, countering the Dem zig and zag. A party on its heals. This is a way to lose.

In the attached article, the famous pollster Scott Rasmussen argues that the Republicans would be wise to let go of the us vs.them, makers versus takers mentality. It is not the disposition of a winner.

Though I don’t agree with everything he says in the piece I do agree with Rasmussen when he says.

“GOP candidates would be well advised to shift their focus from attacking the poor* to going after those who are really dependent upon government — the Political Class, the crony capitalists, the megabanks and other recipients of corporate welfare.”

Of course if the GOP wants to continue losing it can just keep listening to Karl Rove and company.

Click here for the article.

*I actually don’t think Romney was “attacking” the poor so much as just writing them off.