Roofers Union Calls For Obamacare’s Repeal

roofers cc

The further we go along the uglier a mess Obamacare seems to be. Yesterday we reported that Senator Baucus, a Democrat, fears that Obamacare constitutes an economic and bureaucratic “train wreck.” Now even the unions are turning on the law. Of course many  unions got waivers from the law and so are not as concerned as the roofers.

A statement from the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers:

“Our Union and its members have supported President Obama and his Administration for both of his terms in office…

…These provisions jeopardize our multi-employer health plans, have the potential to cause a loss of work for our members, create an unfair bidding advantage for those contractors who do not provide health coverage to their workers, and in the worst case, may cause our members and their families to lose the benefits they currently enjoy as participants in multi-employer health plans.”

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