State planning fails the environment: CNBC says ‘Airpocalypse’ Drives Expats Out of Beijing

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This is what happens when the government runs the economy without the feedback mechanism of lawsuits and a free press. People and businesses just up and leave.

There is no way I’d spend any significant time in Beijing because of the air pollution. If my children wanted to go to school there (one day) I would probably advise them against it. The air is shite in much of urban China. About as good for you as the accounting standards.

(From CNBC)

Air pollution is driving expatriates out of Beijing and making it harder for companies to recruit international talent, according to anecdotal accounts from diplomats, senior executives and businesses.

No official figures are available on how many people are planning to leave after three months of the worst air pollution on record in the Chinese capital. But companies that mainly serve foreign residents are bracing for an exodus around the middle of the year when the school term ends.

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