Tea Party Leader and Founder of Moveon.org Find A Bit of Common Ground On Crony Capitalism, and Other Things

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It might surprise some people to know that I actually am quite fond of Joan Blades, the founder of MoveOn.org, and MomsRising.org. We know each other personally, have spoken at significant length a few times, and I consider her a friend. I don’t agree with many of the views she holds, and I am sure she would say the same of my views, but we respect each other and there is some common ground, especially on the issue of crony capitalism.

The main reason we know each other is that both of us are interested in open political dialogue. We both believe that the channels of political discussion should remain open, so there is space for diplomacy. When there is no chance of communication, bad things often happen.

Joan conducts what she calls “living room conversations,” where as Mark Meckler in the video below explains, people of good will get together to break bread, drink a little wine, and talk openly, honestly, and respectfully with one another about the issues of the day. The idea is not to reach “compromise” but to just see one another as human beings. This is an important thing, and an ideal to which I am committed.

We don’t get very far if we always preach to the choir.