The American Conservative Union joins with lobbyists to oppose budget cuts and the Tea Party

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Crony capitalism is pervasive. Both major parties are engaged in it and in the attached article we see a great example of an important organization which has long championed “small government” officially but has now abandoned its principals. The American Conservative Union is afraid that a new breed of small government types are actually going to try to make government smaller.  This means cuts to defense and transportation. Both are conduits to constituencies the ACU is friendly with.

For a long time Defense and transportation appropriations just flew through Congress. But now, with the emergence in Washington of a cadre of people who actually believe that cutting government is a good thing, and their ranks are growing, these appropriations are getting much more scrutiny. Big government is big government to many of the new folks on the scene. The old sacred cows are now not as sacred.

The ACU, it appears would prefer that we go back to the days when Republicans could rail against big spenders in Washington but could quietly dole out money to friends. That’s a shame.

(From The New York Times)

As one of the country’s largest and oldest conservative advocacy groups, the American Conservative Union has long fought to rein in federal spending and limit the size of government.

But behind the scenes, the group has formed a partnership with business lobbyists to tame the activists who have pushed Republican leaders in Congress to adopt some of the most austere spending limits in decades.

In a draft proposal circulated to defense and transportation industry executives in recent weeks, the union is offering to use its grass-roots organization, annual conference and movement clout to lobby against cuts to federal military and infrastructure spending.

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