The establishment Right and Left unload on David Stockman, Because he’s right and they are scared.

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So Biden’s economic advisor Jared Bernstein and David Frum, speech writer for George Bush have both come out railing against David Stockman and his new book. This is a shock.

Though the book is not perfect, it is one of the best books on economic history that I’ve read.

In fact I’d even say that it is a classic. It should be read by anyone who cares about this country and no one should be able to graduate with a degree in economics or political science in this country without reading the book. (How’s that for an endorsement?)

Stockman has nothing to lose by telling the truth. Nothing. The establishment has everything to gain by trying to marginalize this book. Stockman pulls no punches. He is brutal and stark in his assessments and he is for the vast part, right.

The scariest thing for the establishment is an honest man with some legitimate credentials. In my opinion that is exactly the situation here.

I believe David Stockman is just fed up with the economic and political bull pucky which passes for serious political discussion in this country. He knows he’s better informed, has more experience, and frankly is smarter than his critics and he endeavors in his new book to tell the truth.

That doesn’t happen that often. He offers more than a glimpse behind the curtain. He pulls it back.

What an amazing concept, a guy with nothing to lose, with more insight than anyone in Washington giving an honest to God assessment of the economic calamity we the American people are now presented with?

No, no, don’t read that book. You might see that the current system is gamed against you.

Seriously, who do you trust? The guys who want to keep the charade going? Who have everything to gain in their career if the American people continue to buy the suicidal nonsense they have been sold for a decade? Or the retired guy who knows where all the economic skeletons are buried who wants to shine a light on a system which disgusts him?

Way to go David, you’ve got the Washington big shots puckying themselves.

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