Union Bosses Agree To Freeze Wages For 10 Years For Workers in Exchange For Forced Dues. (Which pay the bosses and politicians.)

union cc

In Michigan where “right to work” laws are about to go into effect, union big shots have been busy negotiating contracts before the change. No longer will unions be able to deduct dues directly from workers’ paychecks. No longer will powerful politicians be able to count on the steady flow of union dues into their coffers either. But if the unions renegotiated contracts before the official change on March 28th, they could lock in automatic payment of dues. In order to make sure the money from workers keeps flowing some bosses have agreed to no wage increases for their rank and file for the next 10 years!

The bosses, and their politician buddies keep getting paid for the next decade, but the workers are now looking at no wage increase during that time.

Way to look out for your union “brothers.”

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