Washington Airports Spared Sequester Impacts (Everywhere else? Well, you aren’t so lucky.)

RReagan AP cc

I talked to a salesman today about a trip he just took. His flight out of Boston was delayed and the passengers on his flight were told it was because of sequester furloughs. 2 hours.

This is an attempt to make people with some influence (business travelers) feel pain so they complain to their Congressperson and money starts flowing again. (Like it’s not a roaring river even with the sequester anyway.)

The salesman I was talking with had a solution. Privatize the air traffic controllers.

OK, I’m for that.

But where I live, in Washington DC, home of the Imperial City, I can rest easy. There will be no sequester oriented delays. Members of the Senate simply do not sit on the tarmac on their way home to schmooze. Let the people in Indianapolis wait.

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