Why Does The US Taxpayer Subsidize The Militaries Of Wealthy Allies?

japan army cc

We spend billions and billions subsidizing the security apparatuses of our allies. Given the current financial situation in this country does this make sense?

Some will argue that such subsidization is a way the US is able to keep allies under its thumb, a way of staying the big dog on the world stage. But when when we are out of money and digging the debt hole deeper and deeper, is being the cop of the universe wise?

(From Cato.org)

While the United States spends 20 percent of the budget on the military, Japan spends a paltry 2.3 percent. Our NATO allies? The average is 3.6 percent. Even South Korea’s share of military spending is roughly half of our total, and they have much bigger threats to worry about. By providing for their security, we have encouraged allies to divert resources elsewhere.

The Constitution stipulates that the federal government should provide for the “common defence.” But the document never talks about providing for the defense of other nations.

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