Why I am not a conservative. – By F.A. Hayek, An Important Essay For the Freedom Inclined.


We are at an important point in American politics, and especially in what is often considered Right of center politics. Rand Paul and others in his camp are changing the landscape with a more liberty based critique of America. Things are changing in important ways, especially on the “Right.”

I am loathe to use the left/right prism of politics. I think “Left” and “Right” as we have known the terms since World War II makes little sense. Many issues just seem to have fallen arbitrarily into the “Right” or “Left” camp with absolutely no reasoning behind it. But that is for another post.

Margaret Thatcher died this past week, and in many respects I was (and am) a fan.

She happily referred to herself as a “conservative” and held Fredrich Hayek in high esteem. I also hold Hayek in high esteem.  Many people today, folks inclined toward the Tea Party critique of American politics and economics also recognize Dr. Hayek’s genius. These people in my experience often refer to themselves as “conservatives.”

But are these folks really? Could someone who believes in Hayek’s views generally really call themselves a “conservative” once they understood what Hayek was about? (Let me be clear I’m not saying in any way that Hayek was a “liberal” in the modern American sense.)

I actually think it is possible for this in the United States. But it should be noted that Hayek wrote a very important political essay entitled “Why I am not a Conservative” which I link to below.

I offer it to the wonkiest of our readers HERE for your consideration.