Public Opposition to F-35 Base in Vermont Grows, Senator Leahy Grumbles

f35 cc

The entire Vermont delegation wants the pork which will come with the basing of the $400 billion dollar disaster, I mean weapons system. However, some Burlington residents, many who will be displaced by the afterburner blasts of the beast, would prefer the jet go elsewhere.

Why not base the jets in North Dakota or South Carolina? In the middle of nowhere. You know, where it would make sense.

Or we could just kill the project. That might be a good idea.

(From The Burlington Free Press)

The appearance of the report last spring marked the beginning of a local movement to oppose the basing of the plane in Vermont. Opponents expressed concern at the increased noise of the F-35s compared to the F-16s, of an increase in the number of individuals and households who would be in an area near the airport designated as “unsuitable” for residences by the Federal Aviation Administration and by the possible loss of property value as a result of the noise.

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