The Benghazi Hearings and Crony Media

Clinton Bengahzi cc

A reporter for CBS who last year was about the only #oldmedia reporter to cover the “Fast and Furious” scandal in any depth, has been chastised by CBS management for coming “dangerously close to advocacy” because of her tenacious coverage of the Benghazi story. And Lord knows no one at CBS news has ever been an open advocate for anyone. Let’s all be thankful Dan Rather has been tossed into the dustbin of history.

Town Hall makes the point that though the #newmedia can’t be shut down, it can be marginalized. Every effort must be made to keep the wing nuts out of “mainstream” media outlets. So long as real questioning doesn’t happen in the Washington Post, New York Times, or on CBS, NBC, or ABC a story still remains illegitimate and at this point that is #oldmedia’s greatest remaining power.

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