Big business wants a “contactless” world, because they want your data. So might the government.

contactless cc

I don’t have any problem with this so long as it is a private company running such programs (which are opted into) and not the government.

The idea behind “contactlessness” is that through a cell phone, a bracelet, (or a computer chip?) a customer can increase the level of convenience and general quality of their experience without the friction which comes with dealing with a cashier, or doorman, etc.

For instance, in the not too distant future one will likely be able to walk into the local grocery store, fill up a sack with that night’s dinner, and simply walk out without ever interacting with a store customer. As one walks out the door to the car the purchases under one’s arm are automatically deducted from one’s bank account. No “contact.”

Sounds like a good idea to me. If these companies start selling this data, or worse, if the government mandates that we use such technology for any number of reasons, then we will have a real problem however.

Best to be informed on these issues as they develop.

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