Green Tea (Party?) Free marketeers take on Southern Power’s state granted monopoly

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What many of my liberal/progressive friends do not understand about the Tea Party is the strong pro-market, pro-small guy, pro-entrepreneur, not necessarily “pro-business,” pretty much libertarian streak which runs straight through it and which puts it at odds with the establishment GOP. For many the Tea Party is as much a revolt against the wishy washy Republicans and their version of big government as it is against the Democrats and their version of big government. For many within the movement the GOP is actually the greater villain than the Dems. At least the Dems don’t say they are for limited government.

The tired meme which emanates from Washington DC #oldmedia about the Tea Party being some “far right” group simply is not accurate for a number of reasons.

First, many adherents to the Tea Party philosophy – small government, Constitutionality, decentralized power, dismiss the “Right/Left paradigm” out of hand. To say that the Tea Party is “far Right” dosen’t make much sense they’d argue. For instance members of the Tea Party are probably more open to advocating for the legalization of cannabis than many so called “liberals.”  Elizabeth Warren, Michael Bloomberg, Patrick Kennedy, Diane Feinstein, etc hate the idea of freeing the weed. Yet go to any Tea Party rally and one will meet many people who are for reducing the impact of the drug war on the citizenry. Is that a “far Right” position? I don’t think so.

Would a “far Right” organization take on a massive company like Southern Corporation and highlight the market inefficiency and taxpayer abuse of the company’s business model? I should say not, if being on the “Right” means continuing the status quo with a deference to big business. (This has been kind of the definition of “Right” in the USA for decades.)

Attached is an article which shines a bit of light on why it is that many vested interests fear the Tea Party. The establishment GOP fears it. The establishment Dems fear it. The establishment crony capitalists fear it. On the whole a good group of people to strike fear into.

An important point for many of our green freinds to understand also is that “small government” does not necessarily mean anti-environment. The state, big government, has done more to soil the earth than any advocate of free market economics, that is for sure.

(From The San Francisco Chronicle)

Leaders of the Atlanta Tea Party are challenging Southern Co. subsidiary Georgia Power over the monopoly’s reluctance to increase its use of solar power, the ballooning costs of building a new nuclear power plant and even its legal right to monopoly status.

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