House Says Get the IRS Out of Obamacare

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If Obamacare must exist, this is the absolute minimum which should happen. The IRS managing the healthcare of the United States is a recipe for disaster, both on the broadest and most individual levels.

(From Big Government)

And here’s another thing we shouldn’t be doing: handing over the administration of Obamacare to these folks. I mean, think about it. A deeply unpopular law being administered by an agency that’s so betrayed the public trust. Even the IRS’ staunchest defenders in this scandal describe their actions as a case of ‘horrible customer service.’ That’s the best they can say: ‘Horrible customer service.’ And now they’re going to be put in charge of a new trillion-dollar program? One that will give them access to all sorts of sensitive, deeply personal information? Well, that’s just what the Administration and congressional Democrats are about to let happen.

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