Japan “will be the first developed nation to experience financial meltdown.”

Japan bond cc

Kyle Bass is a smart guy and he’s been watching Japan closely and for a long time. The Hail Mary pass the Bank of Japan just tossed up has bounced in the end zone. Bass says it’s close to game over.

(From Beaconreports.net)

The reason why Japan is going to be first is that they spend 50% of their central government tax revenue on debt service alone. They are near the point where they just can’t borrow anymore. Further, the Japanese would rather not admit wrongdoing: They never restructured their banks during the post late 80s – early 90s collapse. They’ve taken rates to zero. Their economy has continued to move along for the past 10 – 15 years because it was export based. That’s changed − there is nowhere to go.

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