Millennials Are Obamacare’s Last Hope


Come, young people to the Obamacare exchanges. Your premiums will likely go up, by a lot, but the administration needs you to subsidize other people or the entire giant bureaucratic, crony capitalist endeavor might come crashing down. With all that student debt what’s a premium increase of hundreds of dollars right? It’s only money.

I suggest, as you enroll repeating to yourself “Yes we can.” over and over. It’ll make you feel better as you take on yet another hefty expense.

(From The Fiscal Times)

If you exclude millennials with children—who would likely face stiff medical bills—and those who can stay on their parents’ coverage, the number of “eligible” young adults for the exchanges drops to 4 million, according to research by McIntyre and Josh Fangmeier, a consultant for the Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation in Ann Arbor, MI.

A target group as low as 4 million means the Obama administration must convince 67.5 percent of them to buy insurance from an exchange.

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