NSA Collecting Verizon Customers’ Phone Records (No, seriously, this is normal in a free society.)

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If you have a Verizon account, somewhere deep in the data banks of the National Security Agency is every call you’ve made since April 25th of this year. Every single call was tracked.

Is this a violation of the 4th Amendment? Sure seems like an unreasonable search to me. Is anything going to come from this revelation? Do we notice a trend here folks?  Does America care enough to do something about it?

Most importantly, do we have enough pride in who we are as citizens and indeed as human beings to say openly that this is wrong? Do we?

And it’s not all Obama’s fault either. He is the guy who said this just last month however. You know just before the IRS and AP scandals broke.

– Seriously reject those cynical bastards who say that one must be on guard against tyranny at all times. That guy Thomas Jefferson was a nut! Same thing with Benjamin Franklin. Government is your friend. I promise. No tyranny here. We are here to make your life better.

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