Protesters blockading the European Central Bank (Video)

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Sadly it appears that these folks, filled with legitimate indignation, do not understand that central bank interest rate rigging is anything BUT capitalism. A banker politburo issuing edicts from on high pretty much is the opposite of free enterprise. The protester’s problem should be with the state and the bankers colluding, but as we see also in this country many people who have problems with bankers continue to have a love affair with the state. Witness the red flags on display above. If only the government could be run by the people!

Sorry folks but that’s not the way it works. The government exploits at a rate which is proportional to its size. The only real option for everyday people is to reduce the state to the absolute smallest size possible, and to of course eliminate central banking in the process.

It’s not as romantic as singing the Workers International while wearing $100 jeans, Matt Damon won’t think you’re cool, but cutting government and decentralizing the economy is the only way we turn this around.

Central banking is about command and control, and the gaming of the system for large interests. Free market capitalism is the absolute opposite of command and control. It is for competition, and access to the marketplace, and new ideas, and disruptive technologies, and freedom.