Rand Paul advocate for sustainability?

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This is a great little article providing a bit of flavor to the man who might one day be president.

He composts. He is interested in sustainable and local farming. He is a fan of organic food. He is growing a sequoia on his property in Kentucky.

For the record we are fans of these things also, though neither of us are growing sequoias currently. At least I’m not.

Paul recognizes that “sustainability” extends to the economy. In a system of  crony capitalism such as we have now, large companies with government backing often use the state to kill the competition, to “clear cut” competition.

In farming specifically this is the case which is rigged toward big producers in dozens of ways. For instance because of subsidies paid for by the taxpayer organic food is relatively more expensive. Take out the subsidies and the difference in cost is much less stark. If organic food was more competitive it is likely people would want more of it. But that would mean fewer pesticides, which is a big profit center for some government favored companies. Just one example.

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